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Meet the Teachers

Meet Heather, Yoga Teacher
Heather VF
Meet Meghan, Yoga Teacher
Meghan Mc

A devoted yoga practitioner for over 17 years and RYT 200, Heather was drawn to yoga when looking for a safe and effective form of exercise that would facilitate long, lean muscles, increased flexibility and a calm mind.  When you attend one of Heather's classes you can expect a powerful and challenging practice with a focus on strengthening the body, calming the mind, and taking the time to focus within. Heather leads Hot Vinyasa Flow, Hot Slow Flow, and Yoga for Beginners classes.  Upon leaving the class setting, students will be invigorated, restored and ready to take on their lives waiting for them off of their mats.  

I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training with Empower Yoga. In yoga, I have found healing and a reconnection with the body and mind. I love to share yoga with those who are active in other physical practices and sports, inviting them to incorporate yoga as a part of their training and recovery. Additionally, I enjoy practicing with those who are returning to activity after illness or other periods of inactivity as a way to reconnect to the body and heal. I have found tremendous mental health benefits from my own yoga practice and am happy to share that with others. I am very physically active, specifically in triathlon training (swim/bike/run) and racing. I love to move!

Meet Kiera, Yoga Teacher
Kiera B

Coming from a background in competitive Allstar Cheerleading, enduring injuries that left her joints craving a more gentle approach to fitness, Kiera discovered yoga, a form of movement that would still raise her heart rate and challenge her while providing low-impact for her joints. While completing her 200 hour certification with Healium Hot Yoga, she discovered a passion for for connecting breath to movement through the Vinyasa style of yoga. When attending her class you can expect to move at a quicker pace to upbeat flows paired with fun playlists & challenges, you might even get an arm balance or two. She encourages students to do what works for their body and move at their own pace.

Meet Jade, Yoga Teacher
Jade B
Meet Danille, Yoga Teacher
Danielle F
Meet Charlie, Yoga Teacher
Charlie K
Meet Cassandra, Yoga Teacher
Cassandra D

I am dedicated to empowering students on their path of self-discovery and holistic well-being. I believe in a 'come as you are' approach, welcoming students of all levels to join me on the mat. My classes provide a safe space for exploration andgrowth. With over 4 years of dedicated personal practice and a 200-hour certification from Empower Yoga in Milwaukee, WI, I specialize in Vinyasa, but as a lifelong student and avid traveler, I am constantly evolving and experimenting with new approaches and styles of yoga. I place a strong emphasis on the interconnectedness of each individual to each other, to the world, and to the universe at large. Guiding students through an in-depth voyage into thelayers of their own internal world and a journey into the divine self, fostering empowered embodiment and liberation. By blending creative sequencing with a playful spirit and a touch of inspiration, I strive to support students in expressing their authenticity. Join me on the mat to experience full-body bliss and cultivate community through movement. - Namaste

Danielle has been practicing yoga since 2017 and received her RYT-200 certification via Healium in 2024. She explored becoming a yoga teacher to learn more about herself and how she can serve others in a way that speaks to her. She enjoys teaching slow to moderately-paced flows with focus on calming and grounding. Danielle encourages mindful attention to proper engagement and alignment, and encourages space to play dynamically in postures.

A dear friend changed my life by taking me to my first yoga class in the summer of 2016.  It was there that I took my first breath. Taking that first whole breath started my journey into yoga. 


I’m a dedicated student and practitioner first, and have trained formally in Hatha, alignment, and vinyasa flow. I graduated from Yama Yoga 200hr YTT in 2022. 


My guiding philosophy in creating yoga practices is to strike a balance between strength and flexibility, exertion, and release. I endeavor to build creative sequences focused on alignment , strength, and mobility in a dynamic vinyasa flow. Expect to sweat, move, and breathe as you deepen your own journey. 

I'm grateful to be a yoga teacher. It is a joy and an honor to be part of the transformation that happens on the yoga mat bringing solitude and mindfulness into a person’s world.

My practice started to release stress and supported my recovery from a serious back injury. This has become a grounding practice that extends into every aspect of my life -- mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, energetic, creative. I am also a mom of three beautiful children who bring me so much joy. A gardener who enjoys looking at plants to see them grow each morning. I am a foodie who loves trying different restaurants as well as enjoying traveling to learn about culture, people and see beautiful scenery.

I began practicing yoga about five years ago and received my RYT 200 yoga instructor certification in 2023 through Empower Yoga. I also teach a regular Yoga class at a community organization. My classes tend to always be different in format but flow gently. I focus on breath, strength, being present, balance, and injury prevention through creative movements. I open and close my classes with a mindfulness topic such as gratitude. It’s important and brings me joy to provide this gift of Yoga to give back to the world as Yoga practice helps to ripple peace, love and light to our very fast paced world. 


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All Aglow; A Self Care & Wellness Collective

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